The FAQs about how to rent a car in Vietnam that there were many of queries of the tourists who have a plan trip to travel to Vietnam and looking for car rental with driver in Vietnam... How and what will they do for the rental with us.

1. Do any special terms or conditions apply to my rental?

Answer: Yes. Since rental terms vary from location to location, it’s always a good idea to read the specific terms and conditions on your online reservation confirmation page/e-mail – or find your location and review the terms of rental on your location information page..Need to pick up and drop off in the same city.

2. May I review in advance the Rental Agreement I'll be required to sign when I pick up my car?

Answer:  Since a Rental Agreement varies slightly based on your rental dates, type of car and location, we can't present you with an exact copy of the agreement you will be asked to sign at the counter. You may, however, view a copy of our Master Rental Agreement on which all location Rental Agreement versions are based.

3.Do you need the interntional Driver’s license requirements?

Answer  : At time of rental car pick-up in the Vietnamese, all drivers must present a valid, international driver's license in the driver’s name. If you are renting a Budget vehicle in the Vietnamese and are in possession of a local driver’s license, you will be required to also present a valid passport in the driver’s name then send to us your detail passport + driver license to change by Vietnamese driver license - done. 

4. Will my credit/debit card be charged when I make the reservation?

Answer: No, unless you choose to prepay for your rental at time of reservation.
Regardless of whether you prepay, Budget will place a hold on your card at the time of pickup. Please check the terms and conditions on your online reservation confirmation or the location information page for the dollar amount required at your desired location.

5.How can I view my reservation on

Answer: To view your reservation, you must have a confirmation number. This number is provided to you at the completion of your online reservation. The confirmation number is a form of your requetsed. If you don't have that information readily accessible, simply contact us.

6. How do I change my existing reservation?

Answer : Yes, you can change your booking anyway or simle text to us here.

7. When I try to change my rental to another date, will I always get the car at the same rate. is it correct?

Answer: Car rental rates change much as airline prices do but you can book and confirm with us soon to be fixed cost. We promise that the rate you reserve is the rate you’ll pay – but we can't promise that the rate you reserve today will apply if you did not make any payment deposit for us any more.

8.How do I cancel my existing reservation without any surcharged?

Answer: Yes. You can cancel your reservation on as long as you have the renter’s last name and confirmation number for the reservation one week before. The confirmation number is provided to you at the completion of your online reservation. If you don't have that information readily accessible, simply contact us.

9. Does have the best/promotion rates?
Answer : Yes, We guarantee to give you the best deal/ competitive cost around of years.
Please contact with us here.

10. Is a credit card needed to hold my reservation?

Answer: In most instances, no. You just send to us your requirement of the booking like date traveling, number of group and location that will be great.

11. What if I have traffic infractions?
Answer: will check renters' and additional drivers' licenses to ensure that they are valid. We are unable to offer if the driving history reveals any of the following issues: invalid, suspended or revoked license.

12.Do you require a deposit to rent a vehicle?
Answer: Yes. Your deposit type, amount and method of payment will vary like : bank transfer, Paypal, Master card, Credit card...

13. How can meet your driver at the airport?
After you passing the immigration checked then come out of the terminal. It so easy to meet and greet our driver at the crowded airport as he/she will show up your sure name/ booking name on the signed . You may also text to his phone number that sent to you before. For urgent case, please call: +84.988.038.301 (Viber, WhatsApp, Line).

14. Do you support for the Lost and Found at the airport?
Answer:Yes, we are willing to help you to bring back all your bags, lagguge... to your hotel, please provide for us the flight ticket, sure name and sticker before 12hours. Then they will delively your luggage to your hotel location .

15. What happen if are there any trouble on the tour like ; car broken,damages...?
Answer:No, you will be not responsible to pay any these cost as we will cover at all.

16. What kind of currency is used in Vietnam? USD ? or else?
Answer:You can you USD, Singapore dollars, Euro... but the best idea for you are đồng ( VND) as 01 USD = 22,500,00 đồng.

17. What type of vehicle I can take for a small group, famiy holiday..?
Answer:Our company have a vary of vehicle from 4 seats,7 seats, 14 seats, 16 seats,29 seats, 35 seats, 45 seats,and 50 seats like Sedan, Economy for transfer, Limousine, SUV...

18. Dose your driver Speak English, Muslim, French or Chinese?
Answer:Yes, my driver can speak and understand basic English as well as he got the best local knowledged on these tour and in driving so far, make sure his service will make you enjoy th trip.

19. How long from Ho Chi Minh airport to city cennter? and how far from Muine?
Answer:It take about 10 km from Ho Chi Minh airport to City center and 190 km to Muine for 4hours to drive, so our company is difference other companies that we always suggest our driver take you on the free way from Saigon to Muine that will be saved your time up 1hours 45 minutes.

20. Does your company have a wheelchair or infant seats?
Answer:Yes, We have offered full these addition equiments that will make your baby and old man have a great time and soft transfer with us.

Please contact with us here to get more information.

Economy, 4 seats

Nissan Grand Livina/Toyota

59$(USD)/ 8 hours basic

SUVs,PMVs Toyota,Kia Sorento 7 seats

Toyota Innova or Similar

59$(USD)/ 8 hours basic

Limousine Mer Sprinter/Ford Transits

Mercedes Sprinter

69$(USD)/ 8 hours basic