Toyota Vios 4 seats Sedan

Thursday, 20 August 2015 07:23
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Toyota Vios 4 seats Sedan

Toyota Vios 4 seats Sedan

Introduced in 2002, the Toyota Vios is a compact sedan developed for the China, Taiwan and South East Asian markets such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Competing in the popular compact sedan segment with other strong contenders like the Honda City, Mazda2 and Nissan Almera, the past two generations of the Vios have been a major hit with Singaporeans.

11 years after the first generation was introduced here, the Vios has become a household name

And for drivers who obtained their license through the Comfort Driving Centre, the Vios would also probably be the first car they have driven.

The third generation Vios was unveiled at the 2013 Bangkok International Motor Show and will be offered in Singapore with two trim levels.

The E grade is a basic model which features the standard equipment just enough for the common driver, while the G grade, like our test car here, would attract drivers who fancy a bit more equipment and technology.

Exterior :

Although the new Vios and the outgoing model share the same platform, the new Vios is pumped up to stand at 4,410mm by 1,700mm by 1,475mm (L x W x H), which is 110mm longer and 15mm taller than the outgoing model.

Economy, 4 seats

Nissan Grand Livina/Toyota

59$(USD)/ 8 hours basic

SUVs,PMVs Toyota,Kia Sorento 7 seats

Toyota Innova or Similar

59$(USD)/ 8 hours basic

Limousine Mer Sprinter/Ford Transits

Mercedes Sprinter

69$(USD)/ 8 hours basic