How can I bring domestic helper to Singapore?

Can I bring my domestic helper to Singapore?

Helpers and confinement nannies must obtain an entry approval to enter Singapore. All entry applications must be made using the SafeTravel portal under the Work Pass Holder General Lane.

How long can domestic helper stay in Singapore?

The standard duration of foreign domestic worker employment contracts is 2 years in Singapore. However, unforeseen circumstances (such as the employer no longer meeting the Ministry of Manpower’s eligibility requirements) can lead to either party having to cancel the work agreement early.

How can I help a domestic worker in Singapore?

In May 2013, FAST launched a 24-hour FDW Helpline 1800-339-4357 to provide tele-assistance for distressed FDWs or FDWs that needs advise. On average, FAST receives about 150 calls a month.

How can I transfer maid in Singapore without agency?

Here are the six steps to follow for hiring a maid without an agency in Singapore.

  1. Step 1: Attend the Employer’s Orientation Programme (EOP) …
  2. Step 2: Find and filter suitable candidates. …
  3. Step 3: Negotiate terms. …
  4. Step 4: Apply for a new work permit. …
  5. Step 5: Purchase maid insurance (and pay the MOM’s security bond)
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Can domestic helper stay out overnight Singapore?

Dear Workers, Some of you have asked if it is possible for you to not reside with your employers during after-work hours. Under MOM’s current regulations, stay-out maids are not allowed and “the employer shall ensure that the foreign employee resides at the residential address stated in the work permit”.

Can domestic helper stay out overnight?

A domestic helper should avoid staying overnight outside the employer’s house during her day-offs or holidays. Do not use the telephone, except during emergencies and when absolutely necessary.

Do I have to pay the maid salary when she goes on home leave?

Must the employer pay the salary of their FDW when she is on overseas leave? No, the employer need not do so unless this is provided for in the employment contract.

How many domestic helpers can I hire in Singapore?

Each household can hire up to 2 FDWs.

How do I apply for a maid?

Complete the application form at any typing centre. Submit all required documents to the GDRFA, with fees. You will be asked for the salary of maid, which will be entered into the labour contract. A labour contract (three copies) will be issued together with the maid’s visa.

Can foreign domestic worker go out?

FDWs can go out to run essential errands and buy meals and they should return home immediately thereafter. Employers are encouraged to give FDWs a weekly rest day to be taken at home so that that they can rest and re-charge. FDWs who spend their rest days at home should not be asked to work.

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Who are work permit holders in Singapore?

In Singapore, work permit holders are basic-skilled workers, mainly labourers and domestic workers, from a pre-approved source territory. Here, the minimum age for the applicant is 18 years for all non-domestic foreign workers; and the upper limit is 58 years for Malaysians, and 50 years for non-Malaysians.