How do you write tee rak in Thai?

What does Tee Rak mean in Thai?

You might have seen this spelt as “teerak”, and you may have heard it shouted at you by a girl in a miniskirt and high heels as you stumbled towards a taxi at 1 AM. Where you go, tîi rák? This means dear, darling, or love. … Thank you my love.

What does tee ruk mean?

tee ruk. Roughly equivalent to ‘darling‘. Literally it means ‘to love’ or could be translated as ‘my love’.

What does Chan Rak Khun mean in Thai?

Phom/Chan (based on your gender) rak khun (love you). Example: Chan rak khun – I (woman) love you.

What does noo mean in Thai?

THAI LANGUAGE LESSONS L12 – Pronouns & Titles

pom I (male)
tahn you (polite and formal)
terr you (informal)
noo you (from an elder to a child or younger)
gair you (informal and rough sounding)

What does Mia mean in Thai?

Mia = Wife. Mia Farang = Foreigner’s wife. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect Thailand. Mia Luang = Primary wife, not “Mia Yai” (at least, Mia Luang is way more common) Same meaning.

What does Suay mak mak mean?

You’re very pretty. Khun suay mak mak. You’re cute.

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How do you compliment someone in Thai?

10 Thai words for complimenting

  1. Narak (น่ารัก) Narak is a way to say cute in Thai language. …
  2. Suay (สวย) If you want to compliment someone that she is beautiful, this word will come in handy. …
  3. Phorm (ผอม) …
  4. Hoon Dee (หุ่นดี) …
  5. Chalard (ฉลาด) …
  6. Doo Dek (ดูเด็ก) …
  7. Somboonbaeb (สมบูรณ์แบบ) …
  8. Khem Kang (เข้มแข็ง)

What is Thirak in English?

agitation, movement, urging, motion.

What does Na KRUB mean in Thai?

In the Thai Royal Institute Dictionary, the words “ka” and “krub” are both defined as “an ending word to suggest the politeness of the message.” In my own translation, they are filler words that don’t mean anything.