How hot is Cambodia in December?

Is December a good time to visit Cambodia?

The cool season between November and February has the best weather in Cambodia, with especially ideal weather between December and January. This is the best time to go to Cambodia weather-wise, but the drawback comes from the huge mobs of tourists. At this time the averages are between 70-86℉ (21-30℃).

Is Cambodia cold in December?

December is characterised by dry, sunny weather, low humidity and relatively cool temperatures (avg temp: 26 °C) throughout the country. It’s no surprise that December is amongst the most popular months to travel to Cambodia.

How cold is Cambodia in winter?

Visiting Cambodia in winter

There isn’t an official winter season in Cambodia. It has hot weather all year round. Many tourists choose to visit Cambodia in the period between December and February due to the cooler temperatures. January is usually the coldest month, but temperatures are still around 25°C to 30°C.

Whats the coldest it gets in Cambodia?

The coldest day of the year is January 1, with an average low of 73°F and high of 87°F. The coldest month of the year is December, with an average low of 73°F and high of 87°F.

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Is alcohol legal in Cambodia?

The Health Ministry has drafted Cambodia’s first-ever law to control the sale and consumption of alcohol, which imposes a minimum legal drinking age of 21 and would fine retailers who sell liquor to anyone underage. …

What is the hottest place in Cambodia?

April was the hottest month in Cambodia on record, with meteorologists recording some of the highest ambient temperatures ever in the Kingdom. According to data recorded by independent meteorologist Maximiliano Herrera, the new national all-time temperature record of 42.6 degrees was set in Preah Vihear on April 15.

Is Cambodia a poor country?

Cambodia remains on the list of developing countries, despite recent economic growth. … Statistics from 2014 showed that about 13.5% of the country’s total population continue to live in extreme poverty, down from 53% in 2004.

Does it ever get cold in Cambodia?

If you’re not a fan of freezing, snowy winters, you’re going to love Cambodia! Cambodia is a tropical country–it’s located just a smidge above the equator–with a usual temperature range of 21 to 35 °C (69.8 to 95 °F). … There’s no harsh winter, and in fact no winter to speak of at all.

What is the best time to go to Cambodia?

The best time to visit Cambodia is between November and April, when there is very little rain. During this time you’ll see clear blue skies, making it a great time to enjoy a relaxing getaway on the southern coast.

Is Cambodia safe to travel?

Cambodia is pretty safe for travelers, but like elsewhere in Southeast Asia, it does have its share of petty crime – and troubles with the police. So long as you’re aware of the issues, you’ll no doubt have a safe trip. Cambodia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for travelers to Southeast Asia.

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