How much is a sepak takraw ball in the Philippines?

Is Sepak Takraw popular in Philippines?

Sepak Takraw is becoming one of the most popular sports included in the Southeast Asian Games. The Palawan province is known for the best Sepak Takraw players in the Philippines.

What is sepak takraw age limit?

Subjects. Thirty nine male, sepak takraw players on state and national teams, were divided into three age categories of under 15 (U15; n = 12), under 18 (U18; n = 15), and under 23 years (U23; n = 12) of age.

Can you use your arms to hit the ball in sepak takraw?

Sepak Takraw

This is an exciting and fast game, and it’s a combination of volleyball, football and gymnastics. There are two teams and each team has got three players. The rules are very similar to volleyball, but you can’t use your hands or arms. You must kick or hit the ball with your feet, legs or body.

What are the top 5 most popular sports in the Philippines?

There are six major sports in the Philippines: basketball, boxing, tennis, football, billiards, and volleyball. Despite being a tropical nation, ice skating has recently become a popular sport in the Philippines. Sports such as athletics, weightlifting, aerobics, and martial arts are also popular recreations.

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