How much is Toyota Vios in the Philippines?

Which is cheaper Vios or Wigo?

We have the Toyota Vios priced at ₱681,000 – ₱1.02 Million, while Toyota Wigo is priced at ₱568,000 – ₱700,000 . …

Which is bigger mirage or Wigo?

The Toyota Wigo has an overall dimensions of length x width x height of 3,660 x 1,600 x 1,520 mm, while the Mitsubishi Mirage is 3,795 x 1,665 x 1,510 mm.

Which is better Wigo or Eon?

Considering these things, Hyundai Eon—with its smaller engine and lighter weight—is expected to be more fuel-efficient than Toyota Wigo. Interestingly though, Wigo has a slightly higher fuel economy at 21.5 km/L compared to Eon’s 20.8 km/L. This means Wigo covers a slightly farther distance per liter.

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