Quick Answer: How do you write good in Thai?

What does Ao Mai mean in Thai?

ao – This is the informal way to say ‘want’. Although in Thai it sounds a little harsh it is still the form you will hear most often. ao mai ? – This is the standard way to form a question. Add the question ‘mai’ to the end of the statement to make it ‘do you want‘.

How do you write Khob khun Ka in Thai?

Thank you! You are welcome! In this case, the speaker is female. As we mentioned before, the polite word for females is ‘ค่ะ(ka)’ so she says ‘ขอบคุณค่ะ(kob khun ka)‘.

How do you write mai ao in Thai?

ไม่เอา (mai ao) – (I) don’t want (something)

  1. ไม่ (mai) – no, not.
  2. เอา (ao) – to take, to want.

What does Mak Mak mean in Thai?

aroi mak mak means delicious in Thai.

What is Jing Jing in Thai?

‘jing jing’ is a statement (‘Yes, it really IS true.

How do you say goodnight in Thai?

ฝันดีนะ (fan dii na) is a commonly used wording to say “good night” in Thai. It can be used amongst family members, couples, and friends.

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What is KHAP in Thai?

Sawasdee (khap/ka) – “Hello”

If you’ve stepped into Thailand before, you definitely would have heard this phrase before. Countless times! It generally means hello, but it can also serve as good morning, good afternoon, and goodbye.

What does Na Krab mean in Thai?

So, what does this phrase mean? The meaning of ‘Na kha’ and the male equivalent ‘Na khrap’ is to soften a statement and make it sound less abrupt or rude. By itself, ‘na’ is a particle/modifier that is placed at the end of a sentence or phrase that will impact the way it is perceived by the listener.

What does Pai mean in Thai?

pai. We have already seen two forms of Thai greeting, “Are you well” and “Have you eaten”. A third employs the word pai, or “go”: pai nai mah, or “Where have you been”.

How do you say basic phrases in Thai?

Basic Thai phrases for greetings

  1. Hello = Sawatdii.
  2. How are you? = Sabaaidii mai?
  3. I’m fine = Sabaaidii.
  4. I’m not well = Mai sabaii.
  5. I come from (America) = Pom/Chan maa jaak (ameerigaa)
  6. What country are you from? = Kun maa jaak bprateet arai?
  7. Thank you = Khop kun.
  8. Sorry = Khot hort.

How do you count in Thai?


  1. Zero — Soon.
  2. One — Neung.
  3. Two — Soeng.
  4. Three — Saam.
  5. Four — See.
  6. Five — Haa.
  7. Six — Hok.
  8. Seven — Jet.

How do you say what’s your name in Thai?

What is your name In Thai?

  1. What is your name in Thai is คุณชื่ออะไร (kun chêu à-rai). …
  2. คุณ kun = You.
  3. ชื่อ chêu = Name.
  4. อะไร à-rai = What?
  5. If you are a female:
  6. To say “My name is” in Thai as a woman, you say: My name is Grace/ ฉันชื่อเกรซ /(chăn chêu Grace). …
  7. If you are male:
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