Quick Answer: How many gas stations are there in Thailand?

How many Shell stations are there in Thailand?

The Shell Company of Thailand, fully owned by Shell Overseas Holdings, operates 520 Shell petrol stations and 320 Shell Helix oil change stations, according to the Bangkok Post.

How many ptt gas stations in Thailand?

Our network included 1,997 retail fuel service stations located throughout Thailand. We also operate 61 FIT Auto service stations in Thailand, which provide light maintenance, lubricant and vehicle fluid system changes and lubricant sales to motorists.

How many gas stations are in each city?

The data consist of station location coordinates and average monthly gasoline dispensing volumes for each station. In total, the data set includes approximately 39,000 stations, with an average of 357 stations per city and 2,600 people per station.

How many different gas stations are there?

There are 168,000 retail locations in the U.S. that sell fuel to the public. The number of gas stations has been declining over the past ten years due, in part, to increased competition, stricter environmental regulations, and shrinking gasoline profit margins.

Who is owner of PTT?

What does PTT gas stand for?

In the early establishment’s period of Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT), the symbol used to represent the organization was simply the three abbreviated letter of its name “PTT” or “ปตท” (as pronounced : “Por-Tor-Tor” in Thai).

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What is the most popular gas station?

Costco Tops List as Most Popular Gas Station. According to a recent Market Force survey, wholesale clubs continue to lure customers to their pumps.

What is the most common gas station?

Of the leading fuel station brands, Speedway has the most gas stations in the United States, with 2,866 as of 2018. Circle K had almost 4,500 stations in 2017, but that number dropped to 1,625 in 2018. The brand of motor fuel most frequently sold in the United States is Shell.