Quick Answer: What is the punishment for cybercrime in the Philippines?

What is the punishment for cyber crime in Philippines?

9775, if committed through a computer system. Any person found guilty of any of the punishable acts enumerated in Section 4(c)(3) shall be punished with imprisonment of arresto mayor or a fine of at least Fifty thousand pesos (PhP50,000.00) but not exceeding Two hundred fifty thousand pesos (PhP250,000.00) or both.

What is the punishment for cybercrime?

Provisions for Cybercrime related offences under ITA-2000

Section Penalty
69A Imprisonment of up to seven years and, Fine.
71 Imprisonment of up to two years or, Fine of up to one lakh rupees or, Both.
72 Imprisonment of up to two years or, Fine of up to one lakh rupees or, Both.

What crimes are punishable under cybercrime law?

Among the cybercrime offenses included in the bill are cybersquatting, cybersex, child pornography, identity theft, illegal access to data and libel.

What is the act punishable by RA 10175?

— The following acts constitute the offense of cybercrime punishable under this Act: (a) Offenses against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems: … – The access to the whole or any part of a computer system without right. (2) Illegal Interception.

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What is Republic Act 8484?

In the Philippines, Republic Act 8484 or the Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998 was enacted in 1998 to protect the rights and define the liabilities of parties in commercial transactions using access devices, by regulating the issuance and use of access devices which include any card, plate, code, account number, …

How long is jail for cybercrime?

A person convicted of certain internet or computer crimes may also face a jail or prison sentence. The most serious crimes, such as possessing child pornography, can result in a prison sentence of 20 years or more.

Is cyber crime illegal?

In Simple way we can say that cyber crime is unlawful acts wherein the computer is either a tool or a target or both. Cyber crimes can involve criminal activities that are traditional in nature, such as theft, fraud, forgery, defamation and mischief, all of which are subject to the Indian Penal Code.

Is selling illegal articles through online is crime?

What are the risks? Although this can be termed as a victimless crime in terms of financial loss etc, the articles being sold are termed illegal for a reason. Narcotics or drugs cause physical and mental damage beyond recovery.

What is the most committed cybercrime in the Philippines?

In 2019, the number of cybercrime incidents within the National Capital Region of the Philippines was highest for those who had been sent fraudulent SMS or text scams, amounting to approximately 2.7 million victims. Other cybercrimes committed in the country involved hacking, phishing, and cyberbullying.

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What is cyber bullying law in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, Republic Act 10627, otherwise known as the “Anti-Bullying Act of 2013,” was enacted to address the growing incidence of bullying inside school premises, locations adjacent to the school, in school-related or -sponsored activities, and by means of technology or any electronic means (Section 5(1).

What is Republic No 9211?

Republic Act No. 9211, also known as the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, is an omnibus law regulating smoking in public places, tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, and sales restrictions, among other requirements.