What did the Angkor empire trade?

How are Angkor Wat used as a Centre for commerce and trade?

Commerce & Trade

Thanks to its extensive water management system, Angkor was a highly efficient agrarian state that served as a rice bowl for wider Southeast Asia. Goods travelled through an interconnected system of overland, riverine and maritime routes that had Angkor as its centre.

Did the Khmer empire have money?

The empire had currency in circulation which was used to trade with businessmen from India, Malaysia, Iran, even Greece and the Roman Empire. … During the early days of the French colonial times, Cambodian people still used their own currency.

What type of society was the Angkor civilization?

Angkor (Khmer) Society

The Khmer society was led by an extensive court system with both religious and secular nobles, artisans, fishermen, rice farmers, soldiers, and elephant keepers, as Angkor was protected by an army using elephants.

How old is Khmer Empire?

The Khmer Empire was established by the early 9th century. Sources refer here to a mythical initiation and consecration ceremony to claim political legitimacy by founder Jayavarman II at Mount Kulen (Mount Mahendra) in 802 CE.

Who defeated the Khmer empire?

Suryavarman deposed the Cham king in 1144 and annexed Champa in the following year. The Chams, under a new leader, King Jaya Harivarman I, defeated Khmer troops in a decisive battle at Chakling, near Phan Rang, in southern Vietnam.

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