What is the most common natural disaster in Cambodia?

Does Cambodia have a lot of natural disasters?

Overview of Disasters

Over the decades, Cambodia has been affected by more recurrent floods and prevalent agricultural droughts. In the recent years, Cambodia has experienced more severe storms and more recurrent lightning strikes.

Why is Cambodia prone to natural disasters?

The Kingdom of Cambodia (Cambodia) has a relatively high exposure to natural disasters and is expected to be one of the countries most affected by climate change. Droughts, floods, and typhoons have devastated crops and caused the loss of life. … In the wet season, water from the Mekong River causes flooding.

What Causes flooding in Cambodia?

The flooding was caused by torrential rainfall from tropical storms, and has killed at least 12 people and affected more than 30,000 households across 17 provinces nationwide, according to the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM).

What natural disasters happen in Vietnam?

Vietnam suffers from many kinds of disasters, such as: flood, storm, tropical depression, storm surge, inundation, whirlwind, flash flood, river bank and coastline erosion, hail rain, drought, landslide, forest fire,…

What happens when there is a flood?

Floods have large social consequences for communities and individuals. As most people are well aware, the immediate impacts of flooding include loss of human life, damage to property, destruction of crops, loss of livestock, and deterioration of health conditions owing to waterborne diseases.

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What are the 3 effects of disaster?

Disasters may be explosions, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, or fires. In a disaster, you face the danger of death or physical injury. You may also lose your home, possessions, and community. Such stressors place you at risk for emotional and physical health problems.