What is the most popular dessert in the Philippines?

What is a popular Filipino dessert?

20 Most Popular Filipino Desserts You Must Try

  • Suman.
  • Sorbetes.
  • Halo-Halo.
  • Puto Bumbong.
  • Leche Flan.
  • Ube Halaya.
  • Turon.
  • Banana Cue.

Why do Filipinos love desserts?

Sugar’s place as a status symbol, its sheer addictive quality, relatively cheap prices, and our being accustomed to high levels of it in our foods can thus explain why Filipinos have a sweet tooth.

What is the number 1 dessert?

According to Grubhub, the top trending dessert nationwide is chocolate fudge sundae, up 312 percent from last year. Following that is vanilla bean cheesecake (227 percent more popular), fruit crepe (215 percent), caramel churro (210 percent), and rainbow donut (204 percent).

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