What problems are affecting Southeast Asia?

What are some issues in South Asia?

A painful economic contraction, bloody border skirmishes with China, the deepening of sectarian divisions, and the weakening of secular democracy have all taken a heavy toll on the country. Each of these challenges poses a dire threat to India’s long-term prosperity and future global influence.

What types of problems are occurring in SE Asia?

Major Environmental Issues and Problems of South Asian Countries

  • Climate Change. …
  • Climatic Events. …
  • Geophysical Setting. …
  • Glacier Melt and Sea Level Rise. …
  • Land Degradation. …
  • Water Scarcity. …
  • Ecosystems and Biodiversity Loss. …
  • Pollution.

What are the main problems in Asia?

These include pressure on land, habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity, water scarcity and water pollution, air pollution, and global warming and climate change.

What problems are caused by South Asia growing population?

From the viewpoint of economics, the high population growth in South Asia has slowed down economic growth, increased the foreign trade imblance, and worsened poverty. Secondly, the rapid population growth has overburdened the area’s educational system.

Is South Asia poor?

On average, 12.6% of the world’s population, or about one in eight people, lives in extreme poverty. Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia have the highest and second-highest number and proportion of the world’s extreme poor, respectively, with 50.7% and 33.4% of the world’s extreme poor living in these two regions.

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What is wrong with ASEAN?

The paper suggests that in these efforts ASEAN faces five major issues and challenges: enlargement, regional security cooperation, economic issues and cooperation, leadership transitions in ASEAN’s members, and the renewed problems in Cambodia. … ASEAN has faced a complex regional security environment in the 1990s.

Why is South Asia facing the problem of scarce water?

Less than sufficient water flows in rivers, drawing down of ground water, and rapid population growth have made the region highly vulnerable to water stress. The gap between demand and supply is likely to further worsen because of the impact of climate change on weather patterns.

What are the environmental issues in Asia?

The major environmental problems which confront Asia are grouped in the present study under four themes: water management, deforestation and land degradation, air pollution, and climate change.

What is the environment like in Asia?

It is a continent of contrasts in its landscapes. Asia has the Himalayas, which are the highest mountains in the world. Many people in Asia live in tropical rain forests or in dry deserts. High mountains and large deserts separate many of the people living on this continent.

What are the social issues in Asia?

The Critical Issues Affecting Asia

  • Lack of transparency and accountability in government;
  • Persistent poverty and rising income inequality;
  • Exclusion of women from political and economic life;
  • Ethnic and religious conflicts;
  • Access to justice and human rights; and.