What was the punishment given to the three Filipino martyr priests?

How did the three martyr priests executed?

On February 17, 1872, the three martyred Priests, Fathers Mariano Gomez, Jose Apolonio Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora, better known for the acronym GOMBURZA, were executed by garrote by the Spaniards in Bagumbayan in connection with the 1872 Cavite Mutiny.

What was the implication of the death of the three martyr priests GOMBURZA to the Filipino?

The martyrdom of the three priests apparently helped to inspire the organization of the Propaganda Movement, which aimed to seek reforms and inform Spain of the abuses of its colonial government. The illustrados led the Filipinos’ quest for reforms.

How did Gomburza affect Rizal?

How did the martyrdom of Gomburza influence Rizal? Jose Rizal felt the passion and desire to implement reforms and attain equality for the Filipino people. … The death of the Gomburza gave birth to the Propaganda Movement.

How did the Cavite Mutiny contribute to the political awakening of the Filipino?

Cavite Mutiny, (January 20, 1872), brief uprising of 200 Filipino troops and workers at the Cavite arsenal, which became the excuse for Spanish repression of the embryonic Philippine nationalist movement. … The three subsequently became martyrs to the cause of Philippine independence.

Who started the Cavite Mutiny?

Causes. The primary cause of the mutiny is believed to be an order from Governor-General Rafael de Izquierdo to subject the soldiers of the Engineering and Artillery Corps to personal taxes, from which they were previously exempt.

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