Which part of Singapore is Queenstown?

Which part of Singapore is Alexandra Road?

Alexandra is a subzone region located in the town of Bukit Merah, Singapore. The region comprises two non contiguous neighbourhoods: Alexendra Hill and Alexendra North. It is located along the road which the place had its name derived from, at the eastern border of the Queenstown district.

Alexandra, Singapore.

Country Singapore

What region is Buona Vista?

Buona Vista is a housing estate located in the subzones of one-north and Holland Drive in the residential township of Queenstown in Singapore. The housing estate is served by the Buona Vista MRT station which links it up with the MRT system.

Is Queenstown a good place to live Singapore?

The area is a magnet for both expats, and younger Singaporeans. Accommodation is as you would imagine very mixed with ‘mature’ estates in Ghim Moh and Commonwealth, and relatively young and up-market areas such as Holland Road. Queenstown is a bit of an education hotspot.

How is Singapore divided?

For administrative purposes, Singapore is divided into five districts and further divided into divisions governed by councils and headed by mayors. These subdivisions are incompatible with the regional subdivisions. The regions are fixed over time while the districts fluctuate with electoral redistricting.

Is Alexandra male or female?


Gender Feminine, the masculine form being Alexander
Language(s) From the Greek Alexandra, the female form of Alexandros, from alexein meaning “to ward off, keep off, turn away, defend, protect” and aner meaning “man”
Name day April 21
Meaning “Defender, protector of mankind”
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Why is it called Buona Vista?

North Buona Vista Road was officially named in 1972. The name ‘Buona Vista’ literally translates to mean ‘good view’ in Italian. The district is so named because of the great view it offers from the hilly geography of its area.