Your question: What does Suppasit mean in Thai?

What does Suppasit mean in Thai?

What is the meaning of Suppasit?

What’s the meaning of the name ‘Suppasit’? Mew: “The one with great knowledge or learning/scholarly.” Always remember the name “Suppasit” Jongcheveevat #MayaChannelxMewSuppasit.

Is Mew Suppasit popular in Thailand?

The series immediately gained popularity within Thailand as well as international audiences. Suppasit won “Best Kiss Scene” at the LINE TV Awards 2020 for a scene in TharnType: The Series.

Does Mew Suppasit like spicy food?

He doesn’t like spicy food and the staff of TharnType: The Series always prepares omelet for him. He says his biggest weakness is that he can’t control his temper well. He used to have 2 YouTube channels, bearling and bearlike, but he deleted both.

Where is Mew Suppasit from?

Is BL popular in Thailand?

The viewers of Thai BL dramas are fans of the yaoi genre. It might not be just international viewers, as far as I know a lot of thai people also watch it.

Is Mew Suppasit married to Gulf Kanawut?

He has accepted this and is dating his co-actor from “TharnType: The Series” named Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat.

Dating History, Boyfriend & Affair.

Siblings Nattarika Traipipattanapong.
Marital Status Unmarried.
Boyfriend Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat.
Kids No.
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