Your question: What is Mid Autumn Festival in Vietnam?

Why is Mid-Autumn Festival important?

Marking the end of the autumn harvest, the Mid-Autumn Festival was traditionally a time to give thanks to the gods. It is also a time of year that the moon is at its brightest, which is why lunar legends have always been attached to the celebration.

Is Mid-Autumn Festival a public holiday in Vietnam?

Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular observance in Vietnam. It is not a public holiday, but in many parts of the country there are events activities and decorations to mark this special day on the annual calendar.

Why are mooncakes so expensive?

Since mooncakes are usually bought as gifts. You’ll also notice that over the years, most of them are being sold in more and more fancy boxes with colourful and sometimes really extravagant packaging. The problem with this is that the production costs will be higher.

Why do we eat mooncake on Mid-Autumn Festival?

The gifting and eating of mooncakes is arguably the most emblematic feature of the festival. The round shape of the mooncake is meant to evoke an image of the full moon. The roundness of the full moon, in turn, symbolizes wholeness; by extension, it conveys a sense of spiritual contentment, coming together and reunion.

Does Korea celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival?

The Mid-Autumn Festival in South Korea. The Mid-Autumn Festival is called Chuseok in Korea. Chuseok is one of Korea’s biggest holidays and is celebrated according to the lunar calendar. It is the Korean equivalent to what Americans know as Thanksgiving and is spread across three days.

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Where is the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated?

The Full Moon or Mid-Autumn Festival takes place on September 15 in China, Vietnam and anywhere else ethnic Chinese people live. We take a look at what makes the celebrations so special.