What are Cambodian wrap skirts called?

Do Cambodians wear sarongs?

Sampot. Sampot is the national garment of Cambodia, dating back to the Funan era when important Chinese diplomats asked the Cambodian king to order the people to cover themselves. Still commonly worn today in rural areas, the sampot is worn by both men and women as a form of sarong.

How would you describe a sampot?

Sampot. A sampot is similar to a sarong and is a long piece of fabric that is wrapped around the waist in specific ways. … Many sampots are secured at the waist by a golden belt. A sampot only covers the bottom half of the wearer’s body, so either a silk or cotton shirt is also worn.

What do girls wear in Cambodia?

Regardless of class, all Cambodian women wear the sompot chong kben on special occasions. Men may also wear it, but in traditional patterns suited to their gender. The sompot chong kben has also been adopted in Thailand and Laos, where it is known as a chong kraben.

What is the color of Cambodian Sampot?

Sampot Samloy

The color is usually black. Today, it is recognized as the soft, thin fabric with decoration and pattern. Sampot Samloy is worn by women similar to skirt or Sarong that may be folded to the left or the right of the waist and knotted against the waist belly.

What do Sampot Hol’s motifs look like?

A twill weave involves a different color on each side of cloth. … The sampot hol dress was influenced by the Indian patola silk cloth. The sampot hol possesses more then 200 patterns using yellow, red, brown, blue, and green. Like the sampot phamuong, the sampot hol’s motifs are gemotric, floral, and animal.

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