What trees are in Cambodia?

What is the bark of local trees in Cambodia?

cambodianum is extensively harvested from the wild for local use as a food condiment, traditional medicine, and source of wood. The wood is a highly valued timber in Cambodia, normally used for house construction. The bark is sometimes chewed with betel.

Does Cambodia have palm trees?

The palm tree, locally known as Deum Tnoat in Khmer, has played a central role in the country’s culture. Palm trees have been abundant since long before the height of Khmer civilization during the Angkorian period.

What is Cambodia motto?

The motto of the Kingdom of Cambodia is: “Nation, Religion, King“.

What kind of trees are at Angkor Wat?

“Spung” trees (Tetrameles nudiflora) or “Thitpok”, sometimes known in English as Silk Cotton trees, growing on the walls of many temples, are the most famous trees of Angkor, giving its charm to the temple of Ta Prohm.

What is cinnamon in Khmer?

English-Khmer Dictionary. cinnamon ( n. ) [‘ sInEmEn ] (a spice made from the inner bark of a southeast Asian tree, this bark, yellowish brown.) ពណ៌លឿងភ្លាវ

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