Who owns Singapore Cruise?

How many ferry terminals are there in Singapore?

Singapore Cruise Centre Regional Ferry Terminal

Its comprises two Terminals, namely the International Passenger Terminal (IPT) and the Regional Ferry terminal (RFT). Singapore Cruise Centre is the main entry point for cruise ships and regional ferries entering to and departing from Singapore.

What is the name of the service exclusive to the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore?

The Dream Cruises Free Shuttle Bus Service from Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore to HarbourFront Centre departs from Coach Bay C12.

What time can you board Royal Caribbean in Singapore?

You should plan to arrive at the pier at least two (2) hours before the ship is scheduled to depart. It is your responsibility to arrive on time. In preparation for prompt departure, cruise check-in will close one hour prior to sailing. Guests arriving after this will not be permitted to board.

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