Why is the Philippine Eagle Rare?

Who is the largest Philippine eagle?

The largest eagle in the world

Species Bill (gape culmen) mm Total length mm
Pithecophaga jefferyi (Philippine Eagle) FMNH # 213208 (male) 72 77 1003
Pithecophaga jefferyi (Philippine Eagle) FMNH # 224493 January 11, 1959 77 75 1121
Pithecophaga jefferyi (Philippine Eagle) FMNH # 227023 (immature male) April 19, 1956 72 65 940

What will happen if all Eagles will be killed?

if bald eagles went extinct the plants would become less fertile which means that the consumers who eat the producers will have to eat more to get their fill, the plants will run out, and any animal that eats those animals will become extinct as well until the whole food chain is out of whack.

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